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MADE IN GREEN is a traceable consumer label for sustainable textiles.

Each item with the MADE IN GREEN label features a unique product ID and/or a QR code allowing you to trace the article’s production. Each product ID gives you visibility into the various stages of production as well as the countries in which textiles were manufactured.

MADE IN GREEN labelled textiles are...

A basic requirement for all textiles with the MADE IN GREEN label is that they are safe in terms of human ecology. To ensure this, each item has to pass comprehensive laboratory testing for harmful substances in one of the OEKO-TEX® member institutes.

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The use of best available processing technologies that protect the environment and make for an efficient management of resources are key demands for awarding the MADE IN GREEN label. Production facilities are extensively assessed and evaluated by OEKO-TEX® if they meet these criteria.

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The facilities in which MADE IN GREEN labelled products are manufactured need to be certified by OEKO-TEX® for their fair working conditions. This includes adequate measures to ensure occupational health and safety as well as social aspects such as the exclusion of child labour or discrimination.

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